All Alumnae

All Alumnae: 292 Ready to Run

Founded in 2009, Emerge Kentucky has graduated 13 classes of Democratic women. In total, 292 women have graduated from our program. The first class graduated in 2010.

Class of 2022

Johnalma Barnett, Warren County

Tiffany Michelle Brown, Fayette County

Loandria “Andi” Dahmer, Jefferson County

Yolanda Buford Demaree, Jefferson County

Alison Brotzge-Elder, Jefferson County

Lisa Garrison, Whitley County

Yvette De La Guardia, Jefferson County

Tracy Cummings Harkins, Warren County

Davin Hausley, Fayette County

Nichelle “Niecy” Hillis, Christian County

Melissa Carol Howard, Breathitt County

Angela Rowe, Rowan County

Jazmin Smith, Jefferson County

Missy Spears, Kenton County

Joy Andrade-Stemle, Fayette County

Joann Warren Turner, Meade County

Marita Willis, Jefferson County

Shameka Parrish-Wright, Jefferson County


Class of 2021

Iman Ali, Pike County

Megan Bailey, Warren County

Stephanie Bolen, Christian County

Alicia Still Branum, Fayette County

Chris Brown, Kenton County

Helen Gulgan Bukulmez, Garrard County

Amanda Corzine, Jefferson County

Kiesha Curry, McCracken County

Emily Dudley, Henry County

Pashens L. Fitzpatrick, Jefferson County

Natalie Flores-Esquivel, Madison County

Sarah Froelich, Kenton County

Shana Goggins, Madison County

Holly Hatfield, Madison County

Alexandria Hayes, Barren County

Keturah Herron, Jefferson County

Deja Jackson, Jefferson County

Yolanda Johnson, McCracken County

Carolyn Noe, Campbell County

Emily Sayers, Kenton County

Casey Simmons, Magoffin County

Taniesa Velez, Jefferson County

Leah Marie Wedl, Fayette County

Rosalind Welch, Jefferson County

Morgan Whiting, Jefferson County

Sarah Yarmuth, Jefferson County


Class of 2020

Lindsay Beets, Jefferson County

Danielle Bell, Kenton County

Susan Bornstein, Jefferson County

Angela Briggs, Barren County

Lindsey Burke, Fayette County

Amber Cann, Oldham County

Susan Cintra, Madison County

Leticia Cline, Barren County

Mera Kathryn Corlett, Jefferson County

Shannon Davis-Roberts, Calloway County

Pam Dossett, Christian County

Elicia Elfers, Kenton County

Jessica Estes, Hancock County

Shannon Fabert, Boone County

Brittany Fields, Perry County

Erica Grossberg, Jefferson County

Carmellia Jackson, Jefferson County

Martina Jackson, Madison County

Myra King, Boyd County

Suzanne Kugler, Jefferson County

Cassie Lyles, Jefferson County

Antigona Mehani, Jefferson County

Jennifer Overmann, Kenton County

Eryn Pritchett, Marshall County

Brianna Rutherford, Pike County

Annie Tonak, Meade County

Tara Sawvel, McCracken County

Leesa Unger, Franklin County


Class of 2019

Sarah Adkins, Fayette County

Martha Amerson, Warren County

Pat Banks, Madison County

Caratha Buckner, Christian County

LuTisha Buckner, Jefferson County

Paula Clemons Combs, Breathitt County

Stephanie Compton, Spencer County

Katina Cummings, Jefferson County

Sheri Donahue, Jefferson County

Christa Dubrock, McCracken County

Lacretia Dye, Warren County

Claire Estill, Mason County

Dora Sue Oxendine Farmer, Knox County

Willow Hambrick, Scott County

Heather Harrell, Jefferson County

Mary Beth Jewell, Knox County

Tracy Jones, McCracken County

MacLean Lessenberry, Barren County

Maurie McGarvey, McCracken County

Tanya Meeks, Fayette County

Jessica Faye Mohler, Fayette County

Brittany Martin, Scott County

Ashlea Shepherd Porter, Warren County

Diane Seaman, Oldham County

Maddie Shepard, Jefferson County

Whitney L. Stepp, Woodford County

Kimberly Conder Storms, Breckenridge County

Meagan Thompson, Scott County


Class of 2018

Colleen Abate, Jefferson County

Dana Beasley-Brown, Warren County

JoAnne Wheeler Bland, Hardin County

Cassie Chambers, Jefferson County

Allee Combs Whicker, Madison County

Brittany Corde, Mason County

Velvet Dowdy, Henderson County

LaToya Drake, Barren County

Martha Emmons, McCracken County

Karen Faulkner, Jefferson County

Charlotte Goddard, Graves County

Kelsey Hayes Coots, Jefferson County

Vonnie Hays Adams, Calloway County

Sheila Hill, Boone County

Lisa Johnson, Woodford County

RaeShanda Johnson, Jefferson County

Laura Landenwich, Jefferson County

Donielle Lovell, Hardin County

Heather Moore, Boyd County

Shambra Mulder, Fayette County

Ashley May Nash, Jefferson County

Terry Owens, Hardin County

Josie Raymond, Jefferson County

Liz Sheehan, Fayette County

Jeanie Smith, Warren County

Julia Springsteen, Hardin County

Gerina Whethers, Jefferson County

Sherry Whitehouse, Bullitt County


Class of 2017

Abbie Barnes, McCracken County

Karen Berg, Jefferson County

Ashley Bland, Logan County

Tina Bonjanowski, Jefferson County

Ellen Cartmell, Mason County

Crystal Chappell, Muhlenberg County

Janet Humphrey Cole, Jessamine County

Elizabeth Davis, Montgomery County

Carolyn Dupont, Jessamine County

Leigh Ann Dycus, McCracken County

Beth Fiss, Simpson County

Liz Fossett, Kenton County

Victoria Golden-Thompson, Warren County

Denise Gray, Fayette County

Tanisha Hickerson, Jefferson County

Shayla D. Lynch, Fayette County

Stefanie Kingsley, Whitley County

Lilith McGhee, Jefferson County

Jenny Noe, Jefferson County

Chris Dennis Myers, Campbell County

Devon Oser, Jefferson County

Lynn Pryor, Christian County

Margaret Ridley, Fayette County

Julie Tennyson, McCracken County

Lauren Tussey, Boyd County

Tyra Walker, Jefferson County


Class of 2016

Ashley Adkins, Rowan County

Barbara Boyd, Jefferson County

McKenzie Cantrell, Jefferson County

Natasha Cummings, Jefferson County

Tracy Davis, Jefferson County

Morgan Eaves, Madison County

Petia Edison, Jefferson County

Rene Heinrich, Kenton County

Megan Hughes, Montgomery County

Brittany Deskins Johnson, Fayette County

Nancy Jo Kemper, Fayette County

Erica Lemberger, Jefferson County

Lyndsey McGaha Creecy, Franklin County

Sherelle Pierre, Fayette County

Pam Sigler, Fayette County

Cyndi Powell Skellie, Shelby County

Loree Stark

Allyson Taylor, Franklin County

Ashley Valentine-Hall, McCracken County


Class of 2015

Nicole Aghaaliandastjerdi, Jefferson County

Acena Beck, Kenton County

Jennifer Brinkley, Warren County

Tiffany Carlson, Marshall County

Kathryn Carter, Jefferson County

Heather Dearing, Jefferson County

Mariah Gratz, Jefferson County

Joy Gray, Daviess County

Allison Hartley, Jefferson County

Elizabeth Haydon, Jefferson County

Deanna Wise Henschel, McCracken County

Jo McKim, Jefferson County

Patti Minter, Warren County

Sharon Murphy, Fayette County

Janice Odom, Powell County

Bailey Roese, Jefferson County

Rita R. Thomas, Bracken County

Dianet Valencia, Fayette County


Class of 2014

Ashley D. Anderson, Jefferson County

The late Amy Bales, Boone County

Bettye Brookfield, Washington County

Denise Brown, Jefferson County

Chrysanthia Carr-Seals, Fayette County

Anne Delahanty, Jefferson County

Brandi Harless, McCracken County

Sarah Stewart Holland, McCracken County

Gretchen Hunt, Jefferson County

Jessica Moore, Jefferson County

Serena Owen, Kenton County

Katie Reisz, Jefferson County

Kathryn Ryan, Fayette County

Lori Shelburne, Fayette County

Darlene Snyder, Madison County

Pamela Stevenson, Jefferson County

Djuan Trent, Fayette County

Jackie Weathers, Todd County


Class of 2013

Debbie Barber, Jefferson County

Amy Beasley, Fayette County

Kelsey Best, Mercer County

Tobie Brown, Mercer County

Josephine Buckner, Jefferson County

Krystal Cox, Jefferson County

Debbie Donnelly, Hardin County

Sierra Enlow, Larue County

Angela Evans, Fayette County

Rachel Pence Foster, Daviess County

Tara Hagerty, Jefferson County

Elizabeth Hatchett, Jefferson County

Anitra Jump, Grant County

Leann Lacy, Morgan County

Tammy Nesler, Graves County

Lisa O’Connor

Vicki Penix, Mercer County

Amy Shoemaker, Jefferson County

Jeanette Stephens, Hardin County

Myrdin Thompson, Jefferson County

Dana Yates, Jefferson County

Dr. Maria Ruiza Yee


Class of 2012

Karen Angelucci, Fayette County

Caitlin Blair, Jefferson County

Anne-Marie Brown, Jefferson County

Beverly Chester-Burton, Jefferson County

Lesa Dae, Jefferson County

Brenda Monarrez Favela, Fayette County

Dee Dee Ford, Nelson County

Cindi Fowler, Jefferson County

Laken Gilbert, Fleming County

Kim Glenn, Kenton County

Julie Hawes Gordon, Daviess County

Audrey Haydon, Nelson County

Kerry Holleran, Bracken County

Nima Kulkarni, Jefferson County

Sarah Rogers, Kenton County

Maria Sorolis, Jefferson County

Elizabeth Whitehouse, Fayette County


Class of 2011

Jennifer Adams-Tucker, Jefferson County

Brandy Bailey, Jefferson County

Sheila Berman, Jefferson County

Cleopatra Buckner, Jefferson County

Jennifer Cave, Jefferson County

Loretta Crady, Hardin County

Jacqueline Coleman, Mercer County

Sarah Cronan

Jacqueline Ellis, Jefferson County

Nicole George, Jefferson County

Wanda Hammons, Grant County

Carissa Lenfert, Jefferson County

Elisabeth Jensen, Fayette County

Kelly Keene, Campbell County

LeTonia Jones, Fayette County

The late Ellie Kerstetter, Jefferson County

Brenda Manino, Fayette County

Cole Adams Maier, Clark County

Tiffany Miller, Perry County

Rosie Moosnick, Fayette County

Betty Pendergrass, Nelson County

Michelle Williams, Kenton County

The late Diana Yancey, McCracken County


Class of 2010

Wanita Ellison, Fayette County

Angie Ferguson, Kenton County

Rebecca Flaherty, Meade County

Courtney French Bourne, Owen County

Carmin Gaines, Spencer County

Kimberly Greenwell, Jefferson County

Tracey Lou Mason, Mason County

Natalie MacDonald, Kenton County

Sandy McAllister, Warren County

The late Carolyn Miller-Cooper

Kathy Plomin, Fayette County

Karen Jones, Franklin County

Creasa Reed, Fayette County

Attica Scott, Jefferson County

Brenda Simpson, Campbell County

Rita Smart, Madison County

Julie Smith-Morrow, Campbell County

Nellie Draus Stallings, Jefferson County

Kathryn Thomas, Barren County

Dwinelva Zackery, Boone County